25 Things to do in autumn

Summer is over, but there is no reason to be sad. Now it’s time to start a new project, to get organized and wear a colourful raincoat. Here is a list of autumn activities, so you can keep yourself busy and inspired through this dark and melancholic time.


  1. Burn candles. Fill your house with all kind of candles.
  2. Knit yourself socks. Here is a tutorial for socks.
  3. Drink hot chocolate with loads of marshmellows and whipped cream.
  4. Visit your local museum or art gallery. It’s good to have a portion of some culture.
  5. Re-decorate your office. Get some inspiration from Pinterest.
  6. Buy a new, cool calendar. It’s easier to get organized, when you have some nice and cool calendar. I just bought my own and I love it. It’s hot pink.
  7. Study something. You don’t have to go to uni or anything, but get yourself some new and useful skills.
  8. Feng shui your apartment. Read the tips here.
  9. Go to the library, get some books and just lay the whole weekend in bed reading the books.
  10. Get yourself a new fragrance for a new beginning.
  11. Do something good. Volunteer or give money for charity. When you help others, it’ll make you happier as well.
  12. Spend some time just by yourself.
  13. Learn to put your make up differently. If you normally do smokey eyes, try some red lipstick and natural eyes instead. Practice a lot in front of mirror.
  14. Take your old clothes to the flea market.
  15. Start a new hobby. I think I’m gonna start painting course, ballet and maybe portugues lessons.
  16. Buy colourful umbrella.
  17. Make one of your dreams coming true.
  18. Go to bed early. It’s important to get enough sleep!
  19. Write a letter to someone.
  20. Invite your friends to your house, cook some food and chat till midnight.
  21. Plan your dream date. Then make it happen. Just by yourself or with your partner.
  22. Meditate.
  23. Find a new tv-show to watch
  24. Do something creative, sing, paint, write, or play an instrument. Whatever feels good.
  25. Bake an apple pie

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